Piyo Piyo Double Handled Dining Plate 630100

Piyo Piyo Double Handled Dining Plate 630100

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Piyo Piyo's 2-Handled Anti-Slip Dining Plate is an ideal training plate while your baby is learning to self-feed. Both the handles and the base are made of soft, slip-proof material that is easy for babies to handle. The suction disk on the base keeps the plate from sliding off the table or high chair tray. The plate is deep enough to keep cut up foods or small items like peas and cooked carrots from slipping out. And the wide opening at the top of the plate makes it easier for children to scoop food with a spoon (not included). The plate is made from BPA-free, microwavable materials. Piyo Piyo provides thoughtfully designed, high quality products that make life easier and more comfortable for babies, toddlers and their parents.


  • Suitable for children 9 months and older
  • Double Handled Dining Plate
  • Slip proof handle and base to avoid sliding
  • Suction disc firmly sticks the plate onto the table top
  • Deep rim is convenient for scooping up food without spilling
  • Ref: 630100


  • 1 plate